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Mette Ingvartsen (DK)

7 Pleasures

11. Mar –13. Mar 2016

Dansens Hus 11.03.2016 21:00

Dansens Hus 12.03.2016 21:00

Dansens Hus 13.03.2016 21:00

A group of 12 performers work on sensations and their representation.

As a melting together of states, in a long sensual movement, explored through the skin, bodies touch, test, lose their borders. They vibrate, enter into contact and composition with the objects that surround them – forming unexpected constellations of variable geometries. Little by little a sensation unfolds where every aspect of pleasure is handled, stirred, returned in all its glory. Vibrational, viscous, tactile, visual, contractual, ecstatic or collective: seven succeeding circles, intertwine their questions to draw up a map of pleasure to be experienced as much as deciphered.