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Verk Produksjoner

Wishful Beginnings

6. Apr –17. Apr 2016

Kun få billetter igjen til premieren 6.4

Store scene 06.04.2016 19:00

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1 h. 30 min.

Maybe it is about tabula rasa, about starting over with a clean slate. 

Maybe it is about the sensation of being on a sinking ship. There is this sneaking feeling that we have constructed a society which is based on a set of expectations for the future, that turns out to be wrong and life-threatening. Could it be that the ruling system is running at a hazardous speed, and nobody knows how to turn the ship around?

With this as a backdrop, we have embarked on a journey of gathering stories. We have had countless discussions, we have wandered, we have told, we have recorded, collected, retold and let our minds spin. We have banged our heads against the wall, looked sideways, we have read into the shadows and we have attempted to give a voice to the quiet reverberations. Maybe it is about conjuring up a ghost, about evoking the unfamiliar.

The Norwegian theatre-company Verk Produksjoner is known for their epic and vaudevillesque form of acting with satirical and political undertones changing swiftly between storytelling, acting and improvisation.

In addition to touring nationally, Verk has gained extensive international recognition in recent years, resulting in several guest performances in Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, Denmark, Iceland and Portugal. The group has received numerous awards and raving reviews for their performances.

With and by: Fredrik Hannestad, Saila Hyttinen, Tilo Hahn, Signe Becker, Solveig Laland Mohn, Håkon Mathias Vassvik, Per Platou, Anders Mossling, Espen Klouman Høiner, Pernille Mogensen, Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk, Jon Refsdal Moe and Agnes Gry. Supported by: The Norwegian Art Council. Co-produced by Black Box teater, BIT-Teatergarasjen and Teaterhuset Avant Garden.