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Susie Wang

Burnt Toast

12. Feb – 16. Feb 2020
19. Feb – 22. Feb 2020

Store scene 12.02.2020 19:00

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“Take a happy place and take the happy out of it” is the formula behind Susie Wang’s final part of their horror trilogy about human nature. The Hum (2017) and Mummy brown (2018) make up the previous parts of this trilogy, the latter was awarded the Norwegian Critics Award for theater 2018/19.

We find ourselves on the outskirts of the contemporary – in a state of demented agelessness where the past is forgotten and the future is frightening. With no memory and full of desire, we let nurture jerk nature off the way nature likes it the best: primitive. We keep coming but have nowhere to go.

Susie Wang has quickly become one of Norway’s most prominent theater companies. They come from a performance-based part of theater – two of them as members of the artist collective Baktruppen who were (in)famous for ravaging theater conventions and traditions. Now, their work has taken a dramatic turn and Susie Wang makes representational theater with great diligence. Or as they say themselves: “Susie Wang grew up with a shattered worldview. Tired of reflecting the world in fragments, we have started to pick up the pieces and put them together as theatrical storylines”.

“In this theatrical fantasy, the audience become augurs, whose imaginations conceal the real abysses, the true black holes. (…) The art here is in the fears of the beholder.” – Die Welt about Mumiebrun

The performance will be in English.

NB! This is body horror for adults. The story contains elements that some might find scary.

Skuespillere / actors: Mr. Iwas: Kim Atle Hansen, Betty: Julie Solberg, Miss V: Mona Solhaug. Konsept / Concept: Susie Wang. Tekst, regi / text, direction: Trine Falch. Scenografi / scenography: Bo Krister Wallström. Lys / light: Phillip Isaksen. Lyd, musikk / sound, music: Martin Langlie. SFX: Fanney Antonsdottir. Sceneteknikk, design: Jon Løvøen, Anders Aaseth, Antti Bjørn, Simen Ulvestad. Språkkonsulent / Language consultant: Dean Clark. Foto / photo: Alette Schei Rørvik. Støttet av / support by: Kulturrådet, Fond for lyd og bilde. Co-produksjon / co-production: Black Box teater (Oslo). Takk til / thank you: Rom for Dans, Riksscenen.