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Ida Wigdel


26. Nov –28. Nov 2020

Store scene 26.11.2020 21:00

Store scene 27.11.2020 21:00

Store scene 28.11.2020 21:00

1 h. 30 min.

Dandizettes is a solo piece by Ida Wigdel made in collaboration with costume, set and lighting designer Chrisander Brun and composer Ådne Meisfjord.

Dandizettes are bloodthirsty beings who embrace the idea of ​​the self without hesitation or second thought. 

Blood is fresh produce and pure energy. In a context of dance and choreography, the blood can be inspiration, affirmation, creativity or energy from the audience. An eternal blood hunt and an escape from the confrontational life of the day ends with carefree intoxication and partying at night. With Dandizettes, Wigdel explores how the blood hunt can become a picture of the addictive relationship between the performer and the spectator.

Ida Wigdel is a professional dancer and choreographer from Norway. The choreographer and dancer in her are indistinguishable, and she firmly believes in the synergy between her partners and the audience. Her expression is characterized by a complex physicality and strange absurdities with certain elements of darkness.

Dansekunstner / Dance artist: Ida Wigdel. Scenografi, kostymedesign, lysdesign / Scenography, costume design, lighting design: Chrisander Brun. Komponist, musiker / Composer, musician: Ådne Meisfjord. Ytre øye / Outside eye: Ludvig Daae. Produsent / Producer: Caroline Blomqvist. Støttet av / Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde. Co-produksjon / Co-production: Moderna Dansteatern, Tou Scene.