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Eva Meyer Keller (DE)

Death is Certain

8. Mar –10. Mar 2016

Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival

Foajé 08.03.2016 17:30

Foajé 08.03.2016 22:00

Foajé 09.03.2016 17:30

Foajé 09.03.2016 22:00

Foajé 10.03.2016 17:30

Foajé 10.03.2016 19:30

We are all familiar with the classic horror movie trick where the director let merry music

accompany a gruesome murder in order to reinforce the bestiality of the scene. Death is Certain is kind of like that. First performed in 2002, this piece of live art by Eva Meyer-Kelle, has been consistently doing the rounds of festivals, museums, and theatres internationally ever since. The concept of the performance is simple, yet brilliant. Keller is presenting the audience with various ways to kill a defenceless cherry. The essence of the performance are beautifully described in a review by David Keane who saw the piece at the Dublin Dance Festival: ”Death is Certain does what art is meant to do; it generates thought and connects to human emotion. Accidents, murder, genocide, death penalty, the beauty industry. These and more can be seen in this wonderful little piece, with each cherry’s death being open to interpretation.” Keller has managed the impossible by creating a charming performance about death penalty.