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Mårten Spångberg (SE)


3. Jun – 4. Jun 2016

NB! Forestillingen varer i ca 7 timer

Store scene 03.06.2016 23:30

Store scene 04.06.2016 23:30

7 h.

Natten is the new work by Mårten Spångberg following in the wake of
La Substance, but in English and The Internet.

This time a crew of nine embark on a journey into the dark, bringing the audience with them into an abstract eternity where the abyss of emptiness come to life awakening the ghosts of presence, the hollowness of decay
and erupts in frozen cascades of enigmatic beauty.


With and by: Tamara Alegre, Simon Asencio, Linda Blomqvist, Louise Dahl, Emma Daniel, Hana Lee Erdman, Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Mårten Spångberg, Else Tuvemyr, Marika Troili. In collaboration with: XING Bologna, Kunsten Festival Des Arts Brussels, Black Box Theatre Oslo, Santarcangelo Festival, MDT Stockholm. Made possible with the support of PAF St. Erme. Supported by: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The Swedish Art Coucil.