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Elina Pirinen (FI)

Personal Symphonic Moment

17. Mar –18. Mar 2016


Lille Scene 17.03.2016 21:00

Lille Scene 18.03.2016 21:00

1 h. 15 min.

Personal Symphonic Moment is an on-stage autopsy of Dmitri Šostakovitš’ Symphony No. 7,

known as the Leningrad Symphony. On stage this vast piece of music spawns, sustains, and destroys different states of mind and physical being. It brings to the stage primitive, intellectual and subconscious moments of decay, consolation, beauty, idiocy, eroticism, loserness, pity, banality, anger and sentimentality. It articulates with an ethos the aspects of a human person and humanity fundamentally touching the fabric of society.


Concept, choreography, space: Elina Pirinen. Dance: Kati Korosuo, Katja Sallinen, Elina Pirinen. Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen with original design of Tomi Humalisto. Texts: Heidi Väätänen. Sound design: Pauli Riikonen. Music: Dmitri Šostakovitš, 7. Symphony performed by Mariss Jansons and Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra 1988. Costume design: Kaisa Rissanen, Mila Moisio, Elina Pirinen. Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Moving in November-festival, Elina Pirinen, Zodiak residency in collaboration with: WorkspaceBrussels / Summer coaching residency, Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux. Supported by: Samuel Huber Foundation, Finnish Culture Foundation, Kone Foundation.