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Pink Cloud Effect

14. Mar –15. Mar 2016


Lille Scene 14.03.2016 21:00

Lille Scene 11.03.2016 21:00

Pink Cloud effect is a term originally used in rehabilitation programs for alcoholism.

In this program, the patient goes through 12 different stages. In the early stages of this program, many patients experience intense happiness and self-belief. This is called the Pink Cloud effect, and the combination of euphoria and distorted reality can often result in relapse. The performance has a clear affiliation with the british in-yer-face-theatre from the 90’s. All text in The Pink Cloud Effect is exclusively gathered from soap operas, reality tv-shows, break-up-fora and other dark corners of the internet. The Pink Cloud Effect works as a paraphrase over the addiction, intoxication and hangover of our collective need of self-confirmation.


Kjersti Aas Stenby (NO), Marit Sirgmets (EST) and Simona Bieksaite (LT) all share the same background as performers from The Norwegian Theatre Academy. Together they explore the balance between the humoristic and the grotesque, along with experiments of performative expressions, relations to the audience and visual landscapes.