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Nina Santes (FR)

Self Made Man

11. Mar 2017

Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival

Lille Scene 11.03.2017 17:30

1 h.

In Self Made Man, Nina Santes interlace movement, talking, singing,

and deploying the scenography in reel-time. In articulating these multiple practices, she is considering the stage as the place of a possible handcraft, as an open manufacturing studio. A free, blank space, dedicated to the making, directed by a self-taught, handyman, intuitive spirit. Worksite for one body and one space, Self Made Man celebrates the fragile balance between the time of making and the time of contemplation.

It’s about construction, destruction and reconstruction. Of the body, of the sound, of the images, of identity, of a home, a relation to this world.

Self Made Man is a polyphonic score for a lonely self-taught person. It’s the birth of a language, a language of surviving by recreating the self. It’s the slow and progressive realisation of a deep utopia.

*Norwegian Premiere

Nina Santes made her stage debut as a puppeteer. She is a dancer and choreographer and in 2006 she entered the company Coline and danced pieces by Odile Duboc, Jean-Claude Gallotta and Michel Kéléménis. Since 2008 she has collaborated with many different artists as well as making her own projects.

Conception, making: Nina Santes. Stage Design: Celia Gondol. Light Design: Annie Leuridan. Musical assistant: Thomas Terrien. Vocal assistant: Olivier Normand. Feedback: Kévin Jean, Mylène Benoit. Production: La Fronde. Co-production: L’échangeur CDC Picardie, Théâtre de Vanves. Partnership: L’échangeur CDC-Picardie, le CDC – Toulouse, Micadanses, le CND-Pantin. Supported by: Onda, DRAC Ile-de-France in the frame of “Aide au Projet 2014”, Arcadi in the frame of “Aide à la diffusion” and Spedidam.

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