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Verk Produksjoner

The Big Dream

9. Oct –13. Oct 2019

Store scene 09.10.2019 19:00

Store scene 10.10.2019 19:00

Store scene 11.10.2019 19:00

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Store scene 13.10.2019 19:00

1 h. 20 min.

The Big Dream is based on a letter correspondence between two of the actors in Verk Produksjoner.

The letters explore the choices that they have made and how they have mastered everyday life and themselves. They write from where they find themselves right now, in an effort to better understand something in the work, the time and themselves. The gaze is always directed towards a shared vision; the dream of what the theater can contain.

“We talked about a text I read a long time ago, Hydra by Heiner Müller. It was about someone who hunted a monster inside a forest. As time goes by he loses grip on time and place. The forest looks like no forest he has been in before, and the task, his battle with the monster, Hydra, begins to lose its original meaning. He also wondered if he, as the hunter of this monster, was a completely different person to himself. He struggled not to scream, threw himself forward in fast spurts, but could not move from the spot; the forest kept holding him. In the midst of rising panic, he realized that the forest was the monster, that he had become part of the Hydra, and that he was the hunted. He had been swallowed up without realising it. He had adapted to the rhythm of the forest.”


  • Verk Produksjoner 20 years – anniversary package:
    Double ticket to Stalker and The Big Dream.
    Anniversary Package 1
    Stalker October 1st and optional date for The Big Dream. Buy it here
    Anniversary Package 2
    Stalker October 2nd and optional date for The Big DreamBuy it here
    The double ticket is only 400NOK and 200NOK moderation price
  • Anniversary Book Bath with Verk Produksjoner 12.oktober kl. 14.00–17.00. Foaje
    As part of their 20th anniversary, Verk Produksjoner will publish the latest in a series of books which deal with their artistic practice. During three conversations with people Verk Produksjoner has collaborated with over the years, they will talk about various entry points in the performances and the practice. There will also be readings and bubbles.

Verk Produksjoner is celebrating its 20th anniversary after having produced and presented critically acclaimed performances at home and abroad since 1999, receiving warm responses from both press and audiences. The company is known for its epic and vaudevillesque style with satirical and political undertones that alternate between storytelling, acting and improvisation. Their approach has always been to open up all possibilities and mix different styles that estab-lish a strong connection with their audience and  an intense sense of the ‘here and now.’ From the start, the company has created a number of performances at Black Box teater, from Ifigenia (2006), The Eternal Smile (2010) and Stalker (2013), both of whom won the Hedda Award for the Production of the year, to Manifest United (2018).


Med / With: Anders Mossling, Saila Hyttinen, Fredrik Hannestad, Solveig Laland Mohn, Per Platou. Scenografi, lyskonpset / scenography, light concept: Jakob Oredsson. Tekstdramaturg / text dramaturg: Runa Skolseg. Lystekniker, scenografi-assistent / light technician, scenography assistant: Felipe Osorio-Guzmán. Produsent / producer: Pernille Mogensen. Produsentassistent / producer assistant: Lea Basch. Støttet av / Support by: Kulturrådet. Co-produksjon / co-production: Black Box teater (Oslo).