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Karen Nikgol

The Silent Song Of the Sphinx

4. Oct – 7. Oct 2012

Torsdag 4 - søndag 7 oktober kl 19.00. Lille scene
0 h. 3 min.

«The Silent Song of The Sphinx» is an operetta about the mute midget Sphinx’ inner world. Each scene digs deeper into Sphinx’ mind, which is characterized by light and darkness, mysticism and esoteric beauty. The Sphinx’ inner life is played out via historical and fictional people existing side by side. Author Fernando Pessoa, occultist Aleister Crowley, author and spy Ian Fleming, nazi Heinrich Himmler, and an androgynous angel by the name Eva are some of the characters appearing in this story.



Identities and personalities melt into each other, and slowly we discover the contours of a lost soul who before all else seek salvation. Through a game of chess accompanied by philosophical disputes, espionage and occult rituals, the main character embarks on a frenzied expedition to Tibet to look for solutions.


Visual artist and choreographer Karen Nikgol uses a collage technique as the main frame in this operetta. Fragments from Pessoa’s “Book of Disquiet” are utilized to converse with Crowley’s degenerated poetry. The stage becomes the mind’s tableau and alchemist formulas are dusted off in order to create a super-being. Angels reveal themselves with infinite mercy for all, while occultists worship hidden masters and Nazis look for release in the cross.


«The Silent Song of The Sphinx» is a culmination of several performances, films and events, directed by Karen Nikgol.  Operatic tableaus, ideas and choreography works have previously been presented in galleries in Paris, Genoa and Oslo. This is his first major production at Black Box Theater. His works can be characterized as dark, funny, degenerate, delicate, religious, and atheist. Nikgol expresses himself though drawings to events, and the themes are always centered around the inner life and psyche of the human being. His works have been shown in USA, England,  and Southern Europe,  and he’s had several exhibitions in Norway. Nikgol is also the co-founder and curator of the showroom NoPlace Oslo.



Director: Karen Nikgol, Script:Karen Nikgol, Fernando Pessoa & Aleister Crowley. Cast: Ola Marius Ryan, Sigmund Aasjord, Daniel Sæther, Petter Wold Kraglund, Ole Paulsen. Sound: Tarfield, Erlend Fagertun. Light: Joakim Faxvaag. Scenography: Karen Nikgol. With the support of: Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde. Co-producer: Black Box Theater & NoPlace Oslo.