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Nordenfjeldske horlaug / Lisa Lie


23. Aug –21. Sep 2019

Oppmøte Black Box teater 23.08.2019 18:45

Oppmøte Black Box teater 24.08.2019 18:45

Oppmøte Black Box teater 30.08.2019 18:45

Oppmøte Black Box teater 31.08.2019 18:45

Oppmøte Black Box teater 20.09.2019 18:45

Oppmøte Black Box teater 21.09.2019 18:45

12 h.

We wake this up

We wake the sleeping bear
In a landscape of milk and honey!
Welcome in the crossroads where inner and outer landscapes meet!

Do you need help with something you don’t know you need help with? Sign up for a full night’s participating cabin trip!

Vake (vigil) is a confidential form of mystical-theatrical therapy: a cabin trip, night-time radio, a camp, a silent retreat, a witches’ circle, an abandoned house, a sea battle. It can be many different things. Everyone is a participant and is inaugurated in an order. Vake examines the theater’s ritualistic origin. It is an event in which everyone is consecrated as a participant according to a self-blasting order caring for the souls. You are transported from Black Box teater to a secret location where the events unfold over the course of one night. If you need to retreat, you can always go and lie down – then the dreams you have in this place are your vigil. But if you manage to stay awake the whole night, you are promised you will receive more than you have to give.

Do you think this is for you?
To participate in Vake you must complete a form that you can find here. Then you will be contacted by phone from the beginning of August.

  • Tickets flat price 400,- for the whole night includes transport and food
  • Tickets for sale only in advance
  • Vake will be held in Norwegian
  • Only a few spots available for each trip. Make sure you book early.
  • Age limit 16 years
  • Premiere

Lisa Charlotte Baudouin Lie is a performing artist, director, actor, playwright and author. Nordenfjeldske horlaug is a mysterious guild caring for the souls from beyond the mountains. The group’s core consists of artist Maja Nilsen and Lisa Lie. Lie has previously presented work, including Blue Motel, I Cloni and Skogsunderholdning at Black Box teater.

Idé, instruksjon, tekst: Lisa Lie. Medvirkende / With: Lisa Lie, Ida Holthe Lid, Kjersti Aas Stenby, Håkon Mathias Vassvik, Josephine  Kylden-Collin, Fredrik Floen, Maja Nilsen. Scenograf, kostymedesign / Scenography, costume design: Maja Nilsen. Kostymemaker / Costume Maker: Antti Bjørn. Maske / Masks: Fredrik Floen. Scenografiassistent, tekniker / Assistant Stage Designer, technician: Ingeborg Aarsand. Produksjonsmedarbeider, inspisient / Production Worker, stage manager: Marianne Siljuberg. Dramaturg / Dramaturge: Gry Ulfeng. LARP-dramaturg: Elin Nilsen. Radiokonsulent: Tormod Carlsen. Produsenter / Producers: Emily F. Luthentun, Ida Holthe Lid. Takk / Thanks to: Nadia Lipsyc. Co-produsenter / Co-producers: Dramatikkens hus, Black Box teater. Støttet av / Supported by: Kulturrådet, Fond for lyd og bilde, Oslo kommune, Fond for frilansere. Inspirert av metoder fra ritualimpro utarbeidet av Oslos LARP-miljø / Inspired by methods from ritualimpro prepared by Oslos LARP-miljø. Takk / thanks: LARP-konsulent Elin Nilsen, Nadia Lispyc, ritualimpro-konsulent Eirik Fatland.